Month: June 2020

IBM Connection Manager

To use 2sms for OTP message delivery over SMS within IBM Mobile Connect (IBM Connection Manager) use our legacy authentication service for SMS+. The URL for this legacy authentication is:<Method name> For more information, please refer to our SMS+ API Guide referencing legacy section.

SOAP/Web Services

These web services provide access to the core functionality of the messaging system allowing you to create your own applications that utilize text messaging and email. 2sms provide two types of web services for you to use: Simple and Complex. Both of these contain the same functionality but require either the use of simple data …

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SMS+ is our implementation of SMS and MMS, with enhanced features. To learn more about the capabilities of SMS+, please visit our product guide. How does it work? Your system sends RESTful API calls to our servers We process your requests to send messages, run reports and manage your address books. Your messages are sent …

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The 2sms XML API enables you to send and receive SMS and eMail. You can integrate the enterprise messaging services into your IT infrastructure by sending XML requests to do all of the features. How does it work? Your system sends XML API call to 2sms requesting to send message, etc.2sms receives XML API call …

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