Enterprise Single Sign-on enables your organization to streamline enterprise-wide administration and end-user management.

We support SAML, OpenID and Two Factor Authentication.


  1. On the Identity Provider, you will need to add a new service provider which requires the following information:
    1. 2sms public certificate (X.509 Certificate)
    2. Login URL for the assertion consumer menthol.
    3. Logout URL to logout of the service provider.
  2. On the service provider, you will need to enter the following information:
    1. The domain for the identity provider (which must be unique across the 2sms platform)
    2. The Login URL to direct the user to the login page of the identity provider
    3. The Logout URL to direct the user to the logout page of the identity provider.
    4. Identity provider public certificate (X.509 Certificate)
  3. The subject return in the SAML Assertions must be the username of the person and in the format of an email address.

Explore Fully Documented XML Schema for XML elements and attributes to jump start your enterprise single sign-on integration.