Use Cases

Learn how our customers use SMS+.

Appointment Reminders

Send reminders to ensure customers or staff know about their appointments. SMS reduces the % of no-shows.

Customer Feedback

Use 2way SMS to get feedback from customers. Flow the feedback directly into your business processes.


Connect your CRM to SMS+ to send out SMS messages and receive responses from leads, customers and suppliers.


Contact your people in emergencies, and know who is safe.

Incident Management

Get your people to respond faster to internal incidents. Increase responsiveness of your organisation to events.

Internal Communications

Share critical information internally. Use SMS+ to share information faster.

Internet of Things

As devices become connected, use event triggers to generate SMS+ alerts.

Machine to Machine

ATM’s, vending machines, point of sale devices – Use SMS+ to send diagnostics back to base.

One Time Passwords

Add 2 factor authentication and enhance security with SMS+ based one time passwords. ATM’s, vending machines, point of sale devices – Use SMS+ to send diagnostics back to base.

Order Confirmation

Confirm order taking and order status. Send SMS+ to keep your customers informed.


Send offers, flash sales and marketing information to your customers.


Hiring people? Use SMS+ to communicate key steps on the recruitment journey.

Sign Up / Join Up

Get people to join your project, business or initiative by joining a distribution list using SMS+.

Third Party Software

Using 3rd party software to run your business. Add SMS capabilities by using our APIs.

Ticket Codes

Create QR codes for entrance to ticketed events.

Trigger Messages

Get customers to send you a keyword. Send them a pre-recorded SMS by return.


Use software to run your business processes. Add SMS to your workflow to communicate out to people.