SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ) gateway allows you to send emails to the 2sms messaging gateway via eMail clients.  2sms gateway will convert the eMail according to the required format and deliver the message to the mobile destinations.  Use any eMail client to send SMS to any mobile destinations.


  1. You have registered to the 2sms system and have a valid account with message credits.
  2. Message senders domain name(s) and IP address(s) must be white-listed with 2sms.
  3. Custom domain registration (for dedicated domain address)

Message Format Options

Each message delivered to 2sms should be delivered to the following address:

  • Mobile (Shared)
  • Mobile (Dedicated) – setup required by 2sms
  • Sub-domain by customer:  create sub domin in your eMail system (i.e. and direct the MX record to and

Group Sending Options

  • Setup a group in your Global Address Book
  • Setup a group in 2sms Web Portal
  • Setup a group in your eMail Personal Address Book

Once 2sms enables your access to our SMTP protocol on your 2sms account, send a test message to any mobile destination that you have opt in.  For more information on OptIn requirements, contact us.